Our Story

Kappalyn was established in 1979 providing PC hardware, software and technical support to both the business and education sectors.

In 1990 Kappalyn installed its first security camera system into a grocery store. We then became aware of the specific security needs of school and in 1995 introduced a CCTV system called “School Cam” which has been shown to limit bullying, truancy and antisocial behaviour.  In 1998 Kappalyn pioneered integration of CCTV into networks.

In 2000 we extended the CCTV system to chemists under the name of “Chem Cam”and have now expanded our systems across all retail and business sectors. We have researched and installed many systems in both the educational and business sectors that were the most advanced CCTV systems of the day.

Kappalyn’s background in computing makes us more that “just another CCTV installer”. We understand how the software integrates with your computers and cameras.  We can set up the entire system for access across your networks. Our R&D ensures we are at the forefront of world wide CCTV technology and we can install the best systems available.

Kappalyn has been recognised as leading the way in technological advances in the security industry and is frequently called upon for consultancy, evaluation and solutions for many difficult problems.

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