Video Analytics is the computerised processing and analysis of video streams. It enhances video surveillance systems by providing video management solutions with the flexibility to adapt to any one particular scenario.  Your current CCTV surveillance systen can collect vast amounts of data which is not utilised.  This data can be turned into important tools for marketing, business management  and security.

Facial Recognition:

Dynamically compare images of individuals from incoming video streams against specific databases and immediately send alerts and record results when a positive match occurs.

People Counting:

Provides powerful data to improve site performance and efficiently monitors people flow, employee productivity, marketing promotions and sales performance while minimising labour and investment.Used to effectively understand:

  • Footfall traffic
  • Visitor trends – plan for peaks and troughs in visitor traffic
  • Power hours – identify the busiest periods for effective staffing levels
  • Marketing effectivenes – Analyse whether advertising is increasing both footfall and sales
  • Occupancy Management – monitor flow rates and identify peak occupancy levels

Number Plate Recognition:

Record registration numbers, vehicle speed, traffic flow, vehicle counting, vehicle traffic contravention alarms.

Queue Management:

Analyse queue data to reduce waiting times, eradicate safety and security concerns and increase sales revenue.

Customer Tracking & Product Interaction:

Delivers key insights into every element of retail store and shopper activity resulting in minimising loss prevention,  improved operational performance and increased sales revenue. 

  • Identifies hot and cold spots for customer flow and interaction
  • Optimises in-store product display placement
  • Assesses and compares impact of store modification or layout changes
  • Highlights impact of effective signage

Object Detection:

Capture data on human behavior, improve operational performance and combat threats.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection:

detects all unauthorised intrusion

Crowd Analysis:

Can monitor areas with a large density of people providing real time site data on volume and activity within the crowd.  This can identify dangerous crowd flow, behavior patterns and anomolies resulting in the assessment of crowd dynamics to inform policing and improve public safety.